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Mercuta was built on over a decades-worth of experience providing cloud-based solutions
to a broad range of industry. From comprehensive hospital-based web applications to simple, yet effective marketing websites, we've exceeded client expectations by making cloud-based technologies useful and affordable.

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Insurance
  • Real-Estate
  • Construction
  • Websites
  • Web Hosting
  • Mobile Web Applications
  • Data Analytics & Dashboards
  • Content Management Systems
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The Mercuta solution

Customer-centered, cross-functional teams

Mercuta uses a collabrative, experience-based approach in developing its products and services. Our belief is that while our technical expertise is necessary, coding is just one component in creating great products.
Mercuta has access to many subject-matter experts spanning varying industries and business models. We believe that leveraging the knowledge-base and experience acquired by these experts is essential to our success - and ultimately yours.

Agile processes

Scalable solutions

Long-term relationships

The needs of your organization are unique and, like many, your goals will change over time. That's why Mercuta is committed to forming long-term relationships with its customers. From day 1, we build solutions with our client's growth and success in mind. While a small start-up may only need a website today, a hiring surge may result in the need for an HR platform in the future. An expanding salesforce or market may allow you to benefit from a sales dashboard. The opportunities to leverage cloud-based technologies to drive success for your organization are limitless, and Mercuta will be there every step of the way.

Products and Services

Opportunities for success included

Website design and hosting

From basic, yet elegant websites to large-scale content management systems and online stores, we have the expertise to exceed your expectations. Once we have a thorough understanding of your vision, needs, and goals, we'll develop a site that announces your brand to an unlimited audience. Domain name registration and hosting packages make Mercuta a one stop solution for your organization's website.

Data analytics

Cloud-based technologies have revolutionized how businesses make decisions. In a process-driven business, better insight allows for streamlining and more efficient workflows that save money and capture more revenue. As a consultant, we'll learn your unique needs, processes and goals. Using this information as a blueprint of your data warehouse, we'll construct an intuitive, user-friendly interface based upon easy to understand, actionable data.

Web applications

While in-house development of proprietary cloud-based software is central to Mercuta's business, many organizations have a need for a product that doesn't exist. Acting as consultants, we'll work to understand your needs or ideas. With a viable solution in mind, we'll develop it for you. Further, if there is a market for your software outside your organization, we'll explore opportunities to license your new product together.


We make software you'll want to use
Chato Property Management Software

Mercuta's product debut! This feature-rich, cloud-based property management application will become a transformative tool for real estate investors. Bridging the gap that often exists between portfolio management and property management, this application will function as the virtual property manager for small and independent investors who haven't outsourced oversight of their investments. Large investors will have the ability to deploy Chato to their management team yet benefit from real-time information concerning their properties. See just a few of the feature highlights on this page and get an exclusive invite by registering below.
Chato© Features
  • Dashboard
    • Clean, intuitive interface
    • Aggregate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    • Automated valuation and pre-built formulas and reports
    • One-click access to property profiles
    • Real-time system alerts
  • Tenant Management
    • Advertise vacant property
    • Review, approve and decline online lease applications
    • Tenant portal, work orders and online payments
  • Finance Management
    • Mortgage history and amortization
    • Track income and expenses by property
    • Prebuilt, portfolio style reports

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Passion for success

Ron's vision and passion for using technology to increase efficiency and productivity began more than a decade ago when electronic medical records first emerged as the standard documentation and data collection tool for the healthcare industry. Like many healthcare providers, Ron appreciated the many benefits that technology had to offer, but was frustrated by the lack of clean, intuitive applications available in the healthcare setting. While Ron remained in healthcare until 2015, the emergence of cloud-based software combined with his interest in design and web programming led to several projects and ultimately, a change in career path. While freelancing, Ron created several websites - all still online - for many satisfied customers. Wanting to extend his reach to more complex, web-based applications, Ron launched his first major product in 2010 - a provider portal utilized by Johns Hopkins University onsite healthcare providers.

Ron Mullis Founder at Mercuta

Ron Mullis

This provider portal connected over 50 healthcare providers supporting Johns Hopkins' largest onsite employee healthcare client - Pepsico. While this application facilitated peer consulation and development of best practices, it also enhanced productivity and efficiency through the use of standard online forms and reports. More recently, Ron developed a comprehensive occupational health, safety and workers compensation program for an Atlanta area hospital. This was a far more extensive project and a complete software solution that continues to have a profound positive impact for the organization it serves. Ultimately, this software proved so successful that a Nashville-based software firm acquisitioned the product for further development and marketing to a much larger audience. Having brought his software to its successful and exciting transition, Ron made the decision to pursue his vision full time by forming his own cloud services and development company - Mercuta.

There is no greater measure for our success than the success of our customers.


Here's what our customers have to say
"Ron’s development of WorksWell Online allowed us to totally digitize employee health records and streamline all of our occupational health processes. Real-time data entry allowed us to improve work flows and enhance compliance. We were also able to better manage hospital safety and our workers’ compensation program."
Kathy Dayvault, Manager, Occupational Health and Safety
DeKalb Medical, Decatur, Ga.


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